The Sprouted Fig

Beyond Organic
OPEN  Monday - Friday 7:00am to 3:00pm
OPEN Saturday 9:00am to 3:00pm
CLOSED Sundays
  1. Warm and inviting
    Warm and inviting
  2. Dining Alfresco
    Dining Alfresco
  3. espresso magic
    espresso magic
  4. Ham and Cheese Scone
    Ham and Cheese Scone
  5. Whole Wheat, Roast Beef, Aged Cheddar with Vegetable Beef Soup
    Whole Wheat, Roast Beef, Aged Cheddar with Vegetable Beef Soup
  6. Reception
Breakfast and Lunch
The Sprouted Fig  is the place where you never get tired of the food!  We use only fresh ingredients, the highest quality meats and cheeses, and everything is made in our own kitchen. 
Come in and enjoy a delicious breakfast.  Our menu is concise and easy to decide what you really want.  Indulge in our custom blended coffee roasted every week especially for us by Cherry Hill Coffee Co. in Kelowna.  We have been specially trained by the roasters themselves on how to make the perfect Latte or Cappuccino. And do not leave without savoring one of Matt's Famous Cinnamon Rolls, or Aunt Rose's White Chocolate Apricot Scones.  Everything is baked fresh daily using premium ingredients with tried and true family recipies.
Every morning we bake our bread fresh for the day - hand molding each bun for our sandwiches; we get our premium meats from the butcher and roast them to perfection; we meticulously chop the vegetables and prepare the ingredients for our soups; and it all culminates in a glorious array of colors and smells and delectable flavors.  We wouldn't be caught dead serving processed meat or cheese or soup from a can. No preservatives or fillers are added to any of our foods - and you can most certainly tell!

Fig Catering

Our specialty is Executive Hors d'Oeuvres.  The Fig Catering is a special division of The Sprouted Fig that was designed to meet all of your catering needs. From intimate gatherings to formal weddings and festive parties - we have the expertise to make your event one that your guests will remember.
For Inimate Gatherings
FIG Catering means For Initmate Gatherings.  So at your event, whether big or small, we want to draw everyone together as they indulge in great food and engaging conversation.
Our Chef Lisa, has earned quite a name for herself as she designs and prepares amazing dishes that not only look fabulous but taste divine.  We will work with you to design your menu with the popular Hors d'Oeuvre  dinner or full sit-down meal. Chef Lisa is a master at bringing the flavors out and pairing the perfect ingredients.  Whatever your needs are, we work closely with you to make your food a reflection of you and your event.