About Us

And this is how it all began

It all started when Matt and Angie decided to open a "drive-thru" coffee bar - Midian Coffee Company.  They quickly realized that they needed a place to perpare all of the baking in order to meet their high standards.  So against Matt's wishes, Angie opened The Sprouted Fig under the guidance and training of her mother - Glenda.  "The Fig" was such a hit that they quickly needed to move to a bigger location - where they are now at 3407 30th Avenue.  The Sprouted Fig, since that time, has received many community awards and has been nominated for even more.  We have build our reputation on fast friendly service and the highest quality foods available.  We never intended it to be such a "hit" - but are grateful.  How did we do it?  We just love people and our community and feel completely blessed by all or our supporters. Oh ya... and we work hard too - but it's worth it when you get to enjoy the results!
It all started with that amazing cappuccino shortbread cookie!
We couldn't find a place just to make the cookie - we had to open a whole restaurant and thought we would make a few sandiches on the side.
Matt and Angie Tumlinson have been dedicated to helping make their community a better place since they moved here in 2001.  Over the years they have been invoved in many community events and have even helped to start some new ones.
Our staff has changed a bit over the years but one thing is for certain... we love each other, and we love doing what we do!

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