Dessert Menu

  1. Cappuccino Short Bread
    $ 1.50 $8.00/pac
    An old family recipe that's so addicting. Rich coffee flavored shortbread. Each cookie is hand molded to look like a coffee bean. Dredged through rich milk chocolate.
  2. White Chocolate Lime Shortbread
    $ 1.50 $8.00/pac
    An adaptation of our famous Cappuccino Shortbread inspired by Alice (Matt's mother) We squeeze real limes into this rich shortbread and dredge it through creamy white chocolate
  3. White Chocolate Apricot Scone
    $ 2.75
    This recipe comes from "Aunt Rose". The combination of smooth white chocolate chips and tangy dried apricots is amazing!
  4. Ham and Cheese Scone
    $ 2.75
    Rosemary Ham, crumbled aged cheddar and a hint of onion make this savory scone a true delight!
  5. Muffins
    $ 2.75
    Baked fresh every morning, our muffins are all made with low-fat yogurt instead of all that oil, so that you can be assured that you are making a healthy choice. Every day we serve 2 different kinds. They might just be the best you've ever had!
  6. Cinnamon Roll
    $ 4.00
    Matt's cinnamon rolls are actually inspired by Angie's mother - Glenda. Smothered in our own cream cheese frosting and full of buttery, cinnamony goodness. Don't forget... Friday's are Caramel Pecan Roll Days Matt's "breakfast of champions" recommendation.
  7. Chocolate Chocolate Brownie
    These brownies are rich with extra chocolate and chocolate chips. Smoothed over with chocolate icing and toasted walnuts if you like. Complete chocolate satisfaction! Big enough to share...or not.
  8. Rice Crispy Square
    A classic standby - we always use real butter and real vanilla for that "better" flavor Oh, yah... they are big!